3 lbs of Swamp Ash Heaven


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I’ve been hiding this one behind the desk waiting to get some other projects out of the way.  She came out today!!!  This is the best one-piece body I have been able to score off the Showcase and it only weighs 3 lbs.  This one is going to get finished as a Mary Kaye.

Whoa!  What else are you hiding behind the desk? That is a spectacular neck and body. Sounds like a great choice of finishes for that body. Looking foward to the progress.

Any ideas about the pups and hardware yet?

TroubledTreble said:
Any ideas about the pups and hardware yet?


I'm a broken record in that department, Callaham hardware and Fender '69's are what I always suggest.

Sweet couple of pieces of wood.
Stone the bloody crows! That thar neck's got more freckles than a beach full of redheads! The body will be perfect for a Mary Kaye.....wish it was a lefty!
wooo weee thats a sexy one piece and that freckle neck u have there!! i must say that looks like a good perchase!
Killer score, dude. That birdseye neck is sick. It's gonna be real purty done whitewash. The late Ms. Kay would be proud.
I've said it before, swamp ash under used or appreciated as a nice grain wood.

I bet if it had a more appealing name it would be more poplar, i mean popular.

This is where I was gonna suggest a clever fricken name ,,,,All blank, sorry
Tonar where do you get those Birdeyes figuration? this is the top of warmoth! I want iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! :laughing7: