24" Scale guitar bridge options (Jaguar, Mustang, Jag-Stang)



It would be nice if Warmoth would offer bridge options on Jaguar, Mustang, Jag-Stang 24" scale bodies.  Having a Stoptail/T-O-M for a Mustang would be cool, or a Schaller flat mount bridge for a Jaguar etc...  Why not more bridge options for us 24" scale guitar lovers?
yeah i am a huge fan of the mustang body but I REALLY want a Floyd Rose and I wish I could have both :party07:
Unless I'm really missing something you can custom order any bridge routing option on those body style in addition to the "standard" for each of them; 2 of the 4 Jazzmaster bodies in the Showcase have "any way you want to finish the route" tremolo routing; WillyK has a JazzMaster with a Tele hardtail bridge on this site under Misc Guitars:


..and I know I've seen a Jaguar or JAzzMaster with a TOM and 2 HBs before, may have been on the old forum
I think WillyK has made a JazzMaster that has a tele bridge on it and a humbucker in the neck spot.  Yup, it was a flamed Korina body with a tele route for the electronics.  I thought it was a really cool idea for a hybrid.





The body is already routed to hold any two pickups, HB or straight or angled singles. Warmoth will leave out the standard Mustang bridge route - that's one nasty whammy, hard to believe Fender reissued the exact original with the hideous banjo frets, foul whammy, despicable pickups and low-rent tuners... I wanted concentric tone/volume pots for each pickup and the three-way on top, so I had to dig out a hole for a side-mount jack and enlarge the holes in the metal control plate. I had Warmoth make the pickguard too, $28 I believe.
I wanted a really high-grade, little guitar I could play in bed, in my rocking chair, in a car etc. It's a little screamer, for sure -
fast-fast-fast and you can reach some weird chords, just don't write parts on it that you expect to play on a a 25.5" boatneck. :cool01: