22.5” and 25.5” conversion Mustang/Jaguar necks


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We’ve got baritone and 24.75” conversion necks for standard 25.5” scale guitars, how about some for the 24” scale mustang/Jaguar necks?

22.5” is the other classic scale length for Mustangs, and the original scale length for Duo Sonics and Musicmasters, but there’s literally nobody making 22.5” mustang necks. This extra-short scale length is very comfortable to play on and lends to a really unique sound and feel at standard tuning (Dean Ween was a big fan of the 22.5” scale of his Musicmaster from the early days of Ween) or the ability to comfortably tune up anywhere from a minor second to a major third higher (a similar to Johnny Marr, EVH, and Frank Zappa). It would also make for an easy way to make a more travel-friendly instrument for those who are so inclined.
A 22.5” conversion neck to drop into the mustang and Jaguar bodies would be really great for vintage mustang fanatics, travelers, and up-tuners alike (and I’m sure some folks here would buy them just so they could build a quality short scale “for their kids”).

The 25.5” scale conversion neck for Mustangs and Jaguars would be great as well because one of the most common complaints I see from people about Jaguars is that they prefer the look of the Jaguar plates over the jazzmaster pickguard, and prefer the jangly Jaguar single coils, but can’t agree with the short scale length for their playing. One of the more common mods to see for Mustangs on the offset guitar forum is to replace the mustang neck with a Strat neck, and then get a custom vibrato plate that moves the bridge posts to allow for a 25.5” scale length. Having a conversion neck that allows for a 25.5” scale length as a direct drop-in to a Jaguar or mustang body would cater directly to both of these issues.
There is already a 7/8 Warmoth Neck which will convert a Mustang or Jaguar to use a 24.75" scale length.    I have one fitted to my Fender Mustang body, but I'm not sure if it is guaranteed to work on every Mustang body that was ever made.

If you want to use 25.5" scale, would you consider to build a guitar with a musiclander body instead?
The issue with Musiclander, is that Warmoth do not make the pickguards and rear-route is the only option.