2 Concentric Pots with Fernandes help

TTU Shredder

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I really want to add a Fernandes sustainer to my guitar when it gets in. It is going to have a HxH set up and two concentric pots and a three way switch. So basically its a LP wiring set up but I am not able to find a way to wire the 2 vol/2 tone knobs with the sustainer. Does anybody have any ideas?
The on/off switch and the intensity control are mounted on the circuit board. The mode switch (normal/harmonic) is a push/pull pot that replaces your volume. In practice, no one really diddles with the intensity pot; it's kind of a set and forget thing that could be replaced by a trim pot that wouldn't require an additional hole. You will need a hole, though, for the on/off switch and you could replace the push/pull pot mode switch with a miniswitch and drill a second small hole for that. Either that, or rethink your volume/tone control options.

Don't forget, you need a place to put a 9v battery, too. And, if you haven't used a sustainer before, it works much better with newer strings. The extra brightness seems to help.
mea culpa. It looks like the FSK101 has 2 switches on the board and no intensity knob. I have a sustainer that I hacked off of one of their guitars, and it looks different than either of those kits.

That simplifies things a little. I think what may be a problem is the separate volume controls for each pickup. Everything routes through the sustainer board before reaching the vol/tone controls, and when you engage the sustainer, it switches to the bridge pickup regardless of what the pickup selector is set at. You could do a master volume and tone.

One thing to note: in my experience, the tone of the neck pickup in the sustainer unit sounds pretty bad. It's not without it's uses, but I wouldn't bother having a separate vol/tone for it. Mine's a few years old, and they may have made improvements. Give it a critical listen before devoting knobs to it.