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has anyone had any experience with transparent colors on zebrawood?  there is a les paul in the showcase that i think would look great with a transparent color.
If you can put anything on top of zebrawood other than a clear finish, you're a stronger man than me. The stuff is beautiful. The grain is a lot bolder than the pictures show, and any color would have to compete with that.


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You going to order a finish or do it yourself? If doing it yourself, a couple of coats of Minwax Golden Pecan stain followed by nitro gloss really works well on Zebrawood:


If you're not into doing the finishing yourself, I'd only go Transparent Amber, but call Warmoth, I think you can special order the Vintage Gloss Neck tint on a body, that would work as well.
Once upon a time, a customer did a Mary Kaye White finish on zebrawood.  I thought the concept was pretty hideous but it turned out very cool.
I didn't know if a transparent color would have a cool black streaked effect.  i plan on Warmoth finishing it.