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Snouter Test

That's so cool!  I love Snouter's videos.

If anyone else wants to post a YouTube video on the board, just look for the button with the YouTube logo in the post/reply box.
Hey, I am glad you guys enjoy the vids.  I will try to do one more related to the Swamp Ash project.  I really just need to bolt on the neck and string it up, but I just want to show how I approach putting it together.  I just ordered some flashy, but relatively inexpensive Duplicolor paint called Black Effex and Mirage (the Ice color).  I think they are laquers and if they work on some scrap wood, I will paint my Korina body the Mirage.  It is the kind of paint that is silver metallic, but will have subtle color changes at different angles.  And the Swamp Ash Black Effex which is black gloss with various color metallic sparkles suspended in it. 
Hey Snouter, loved your video, what kinda amp was that, sounded like a few watts with a great sound, we can hear your strings almost over the amp.

I have used the duplicolor paint, the laquers, It is a good cheap paint. dries quick, sand and buffs easy, i use the clear Duplicolor overall and it buffs out real nice.

My EVH there was painted with Duplicolor.

Awesome looking guitar, very clean setup.

Personally I would just leave it with the master volume control, I like the minimalist approach when it comes to control setups.
Well I do have pics of my guitars, but as someone said earlier in another thread, it's hard to take a good guitar pic, i need to re take and submit some pics.
Maybe when my frankenstrat is done, Boy what a nightmare paintjob thats been, Eddie VanHalen didnt have a clue what he was doing, trust me on this, anyone whos built a franky i'm sure would agree.

I like Simple controlls too, for my style, not much use for tone controll know, just a toggle switch would be fine,,ON/OFF