WTF (take 12)


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So, I was considering building a 12 string and doing a little on-line research when I ran into this!



I think mine will turn out a little better  :icon_biggrin:

HAHAHAHAHAHA.............. :hello2:

Thats awful.  That guy must have some mad strange tuning issues.........

WTF indeed!  That is horrible...

Warmoth doesn't offer the "hockey-stick" headstock for 12-Strings anymore, do they?
That's the new classic movie from Brazil - Elite Squad, about the special troop of Rio de Janeiro police... in the last scene they find the drug dealler and the captain ask for cop "zero-seven": "bring me the shutgun", because the dealer said "don't shot on the face to not mess the burial"...
Hey, I kinda like it... not saying I'll be building one like that any time soon, though.
Right handed tuners on the left handed side of the headstock?  Do tuners keep tune when they are installed that way?  I wonder if it is neck heavy...

My favorite thing about that is that High E taking a hard right turn there around the other tuning machine.  :hello2:
There's more than one string that goes around another's tuning peg!  I think that this would make changing strings, ah, interesting