Would you burst spalted maple?


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Hi people
I am considering my Plan B for a Warmoth project as Plan A is not working out at the moment.
I wanted to ask you whether anyone has an opinion or better has seen a burst on spalted maple (not any particular burst in mind at this point). Is it a good idea?
Looking forward to your ideas
W-O-W! Just W-O-W!

Gregg man...

Is that tobacco burst?
Is that a Forearm Contour or is it a trick of the light?

And Gregg one more in case you know. In this page: http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/options/options_guitar_binding.cfm
under the heading "On Flat Top Bodies", this is spalted maple right? What is the finish? Just clear?

Thanks in advance
The above picture is indeed Tobacco Burst. The website page you refer to does show a Clear Gloss on Spalt. Though you cannot order a Spalt top with a forearm contour, every so often we stumble upon a piece that can take the bend.
Thanks Gregg.

I half agree with you but in the burst you can see the flame clearer...
Flame comes out just fine with clear gloss as well:

My problem with the burst is that you seem to loose all the subtle colorations in the spalt.  It just looks like someone with parkensens tried to sign their name on your guitar body with a sharpie. 
@ chuck7
Yeah, you maybe right...

@ jackthehack
What the... You guys will drive me crazy...