Woodburst going awol again?

Patrick from Davis

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Well, I made an order on March 14th.  I have called a couple of times and the answering machine/voice mailbox is full.  Anyone else out there run into this problem with them?  I know that there was a post last October-ish about something like this.  I was just thinking that a Month wait is a bit long.  Getting a bit antzy about waiting.

As I'm sure they told you, nowadays, if you have not asked for they finish the body, the queue is from 4 to 6 weeks... if you asked finish, a little more...
He means these guys...


not Warmoth.
Bringin' "caos" to the world.  Yeah, it is the place that RLW mentioned, "Woodburst." They sell wood dyes for DIY finishing.  I went ahead and got some nice pieces of test maple from ebay and am dying (ugh) to try some test runs on them.  The waiting is getting on my nerves.  The site says it should take a week to get it shipped to the West coast.  One month later, grrr...