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Moving Massive Amounts of Wood Today!


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looks like well have some black korina to choose from soon. i love the little insite the picks bring to us.
thanks greg
Looks like my bass body and neck is in there  Thanks to SkuttleFunk for the info. that he emailed me the electronics are closer to being in my hands. I've got a Black Korina strat body (front routed) everytime I start to finish it I put it back in the box. It's a great looking body and the craftsmanship is second to none but I should have waited and bought a rear routed body. I will be very careful when I pick out my bass parts and purchase everything at once. Meanwhile to sell or finish the Black Korina body I'm leaning more to posting it on the for sale thread and buying a rear routed strat body.
wow, that's a lotta wood there.. very nice!
thanks for a little sneak peek!  :eek:ccasion14:
Very thoughtful of you to include Kleenex in the first picture to wipe up the drool.