Wood pickguards


I'm considering an ebony pickguard for my Indian Rosewood arched top LP in order to get some custom inlay on the pickguard. I'm getting mixed results from web research re: warping, and finding it hard to find an ebony pickguard out there at all. Have any of you done ebony on an LP? All wood or wood laminated to plastic? Any suggestions re: a vendor?
If you do a search on eBay in Guitars -> Parts&Accessories -> Pickguards, there's a guy that does wooden pickguards in different woods, hadn't seen any in ebony, but if you email him he will do custom orders if he can get the wood for it. Be advised that due to the thinness of the wood used for the pickguard you have to be very careful not to overtighten the screws or you'll crack it.
B hefner makes wooden pickguard but he laminates it to a peice of plastic to prevent cracking...
Thanks for the advice. I'll check them out. I've also gotten info from THGKNOBS.COM. Real nice exotic wood knobs, rings, etc.
Am I alone here?  I dont get pickguards in the first place. I have been playen for 20 years and my pick hits nothing but the strings, even when i'm strummin to beat hell.

The only purpose for most pickguards, i.e. fender strat, is to cover the cheesey front routing.  Maybe it's just me, but a guy will spend hours upon hours crafting a fine instrument , and aplying a beautifull finish, only to cover it up with 3 dollars worth of cheap plastic.  LP is a perfect example. Not to bash your LP copy, and dressing it up with inlay on wood is a vast improvement over plastic.

I will do all I can to promote rear routed guitars with No pickguards- LOL only one of my 20 guitars is rear routed, I crack me up..

I agree completely on your view of pickguards Alfgang. I've never seen the point and I don't like the look of them.
Thanks for your opinions on pickguards in general. Based on the Warmoth gallery, most of those LP "copiers" do not use one on carved tops, so your stance (crusade?)appears to be the norm, not the exception.  I don't use a pick, so the guard is a jazz style finger rest for me, a style I don't feel like altering after 40 years of finger picking. In this instance, it is also a canvas for some really intricate artistic inlay by Craig Lavin in Florida, continuing the offshore fishing theme of the inlay on the peghead and fretboard,  work that will cost me more than the rest of the guitar. Otherwise the rosewood body is cerainly attractive enough to leave unguarded. Craig wants ebony for his work, hence my search for the elusive ebony pickguard. The Ebay guy is no longer accessible. Hefner does not have ebony and has not responded to my inquiry about sending him some, so I'm still looking.   
The reason Fender used a pickguard is so they can save labor cost making one universal routing for all configs. I do like pickguards because it allows me to make an ugly route below the pickguard (or have painting mistakes down there..)
i always liked them simply because it made taking all of the electronics out easier... all in one unit, ya know.