Wood pickguards


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Does anyone know where I can get a custom wooden pickguard? Warmoth is great in that you can get a regular pickguard pretty much anyway you can imagine, but since they don't advertise wooden pickguards I'm guessin' they don't make/sell 'em. Please let me know what up.
Hmm...hadn't thought about the crackin' and warping. I wonder if a clear gloss type finish on it would keep it longer.
Many of the "wood" pickguards available have a thin wood veneer over a regular plastic pickguard; they shouldn't crack/warp, but may be prone to the veneer coming up. I bought a maple pickguard/tremolo cover set that I recut custom and stained/lacquered, the wood is so then that if it was exposed to a lot of humidity or temperature extremes it could be a problem; it started to warp just a tad from the liquid in the stain being applied, wound up leaving it under a stack of books for a few days...
Hmm...tryin' to find a wooden pickguard that'll look good & won't warp is becoming too much of a hassle. I think I'll just make my next Strat a rear rout and use a kick ass laminate top, either flame or quilt maple, or maybe something more exotic.

Anyone know where I can get some wood control covers?
i'd love to have a nice, stripy rosewood guard on this alder body strat i'm planning on refinishing.  i think a clear finished alder body (maybe a light tint to it) would work pretty well with one.....this one is just for practice anyway