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These are probably stupid questions , but I cant help but wonder...

I thought the whole red/blue/green/gold pearl inlays were VERY interesting
but I've only seen those colors on trapezoids in the showcase

are those color pearl inlays limited to that? (trapezoids, I mean  :tard:)
I would think that dots would be no more of a hassle
but thats when I remember that it's not about hassles and all
so all I can do is hope
not that it's any big deal

and heyyyyyy
is it me or did everything in the u pick section get a lot cheaper?
I could be wrong
I think that would add a realllllllly high end touch
It'd be like
:guitaristgif: take THAT, alembic
but, ah, just wondering

I had some other question that I thought was important
but I REALLY can't recall it at the moment
ah I might remember later

thanks in advance
Looks like the colored pearl inlays are going to be like the "binding + LP Custom inlay" on the bass necks... Only on showcase, although I would LOVE some gold trapezoids or inlays  :)

I'm no sure about the prices, but looks cheaper... the tops that I knew the price have gone, so I can't tell it "completely"

If you like cocobolo, go ahead!  :icon_biggrin:
Call up this guy: http://www.custominlay.com/detail.aspx?ID=854
If he can do full-color parrots all over a banjo neck, he can do what you're asking.
i don't know if they dropped any prices but cocobolo is rare from warmoth. they sneak one into the showcase once in a while. i don't know if they do it to get rid of the left overs from years ago and it will disapear from warmoth forever or what but the showcase bodies i've seen went for around $900. you figure $255 for a lam top mahog body, $185 for finnish, and $90 for drop top binding =  $530
that is $370 for the lam top so it appears they got alittle extra out of the showcase. being you never knew when another would pop up if the showcase body was optioned the way you like that would be entirely reasonable for most
ya, I saw the price drop too.  There was that one cocobolo that was $1250, and then dropped to $250 - and is now sold :)