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So I finally got around to buying a soldering iron and rewiring my first guitar, it needed a new 3-way switch and tone pot. All was going great until my dog decided to come dashing under the table and get caught up into my iron's cord. She ran out and dragged the iron with her, through my fingers... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I cannot think of anything in recent memory that hurt quite that bad, and my fingers are poofy and blistered to boot!

So anyway, I get home from school today, eager to make my guitar playable - I put the dog outside this time - finish wiring it up, plug it in and use a tuning fork to make sure I've got signal. IT WORKS!!! BOOYAH!!! SCORE ONE FOR THE DAVE MEISTER!

Now I start playing around, I forgot how good this guitar sounds and plays! I do the obligatory hard rock licks that a 2 hummer guitar begs you to play on it. I then backed off the volume to clean up my tone and noticed that the volume pot is now effectively an on/off switch. There is just a HUGE drop in volume from 10 to 8. I then turned the volume all the way off, and noticed that I was still getting sound from the amp. Not good!

What do I have here??? Have I fried the volume pot, or did I do something screwy with the wiring??? I followed the wiring diagram exactly; it was just the easy 2 hum, master vol/tone and 3 way switch diagram that I've linked below.

I used a 40 watt Weller iron that says it heats to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. I have no idea what that means. Was it too hot? Did I fry something?

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you did use an audio taper pot, right? the response you describe sounds like you used a linear taper pot for your volume control

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Hey Skuttlefunk, thanks.  I got an answer on the FDP already and have fixed it.  I grounded it the wrong way.  I fixed it, and now everything is gravy. 

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