Wiring help for 1x12 guitar cab



I'm almost done with building my 1x12 guitar cab, and I need some advice with wiring up the speaker. I've got a Celestion G12T-100 speaker (16ohm), and here's what the jack looks like:

So what type of wiring do I need to use? (I have access to all kinds of wiring at my work) Also, which terminals on the jack go to the positive/negative jacks on the speaker?
I want to wire this speaker as 16ohm (do I really have any other choices with a 1x12?)
Well, the terminal near the hole is the ground, and the other terminal on the other end is the 'tip'.

Most people run the tip to the +'ve lug on the speaker, and the ground to the -'ve lug - but truly you can run it the other way if you like the tone better.  It will have different feedback characteristics wired the other way though.  For some folks this is good, and others bad.

Use a fairly heavy gauge of stranded copper wire - at least 14 gauge, but 12 might be better just for fun.  Twist the wires together and solder it up!

and yes - you can only get 16 ohms out of that  :icon_jokercolor: