Wiring Gremlins!!!


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I have a Epiphone SG G400 deluxe, that was having trouble getting signal coming out of the neck pickup. When turning the knob up, the signal would peak when the knob hit around 7 and then would dip to nothing again at 10, and this was only when the 3way switch was in the mid position. The neck pickup wouldn't say anything on it's own. The volume pot for the neck was checked with a voltohmmeter, proving that the pot needed replacing. The pot was replaced with another pot, which was checked before being put in, and the signal was higher, but the same behavior was going on...

What do I do about these wiring gremlins?!?!?
Having done a number of upgrades/repairs on Epiphones, if you pull the cavity cover on a piece like a GS400, your best bet is to replace everything you see other than the 3-way toggle switch.  The components used at the factory rae among the cheapest of Chinese crap; just break down and go ahead and replace the entire wiring assembly and use quality components like CTS pots.
Thanks for the response. I found out that it turned out to be the tone pot the entire time. When I turned it up and made it click after reaching ten.... it would have the symptoms that my friend and I tried to fix... but when I turned it down to zero and made it click, then the guitar would act like itself again. I guess the tone pot was having essentially changing the volume pot's behavior when it was disengaged. My guitar definitely works.... I just gotta be careful with that one thing...

So I see what you mean about chinese crap.... but it's working ok for now, so I'm gonna put off replacing everything until something really bad happens. In the meantime I'll be figuring out the solos slash does on a mahogany guitar with his neck humbucker... because now I'm able to do the same again :rock-on: