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I'm toying with the idea of getting a wireless.  I was wanting to hear anyones experiences with these.  Which ones are OK and which ones arent?
As far as my own experience, I shopped around for mine and pretty quickly eliminated some of the cheaper stuff, and eventually went with a Sennheiser EW372. This was several years ago and it's still going strong. For me it was a necessity, since I end up playing and doubling as the sound guy a lot of the time. I need to get out in the house to hear the true bass tone anyway, but then I need to get out and dial the mix as well. The 372 could actually do the job of reproducing the Low B quite well, though this may not be a concern for everyone.

Nowadays the X2 digital gets all the buzz, but I've heard reports of declining quality since the Line6 buyout. This is all hearsay, mind you. Were I shopping again, I would start with the newer G2 Sennheisers, though, just because I have never been let down by mine.