Winding Tele Pickups


I am about to wind a set of pickups for a black Korina tele thinline and was hoping that someone in the house was into that sort of thing.

Both pickups have A5 polepieces and the neck will be wound with 43 gauge and the bridge with 42 gauge poly.

Any recommendations on number of turns and expected coil resistance?

Have sourced a 4 position switch to allow running pickups in series as well as normal tele settings.

Is it wise to shield the control cavity and the rear cover?

All comments and advice welcome.



under 8k for the neck... mid 7's

over 8k for bridge... mid 8's

test, not by turns; but by empirical direct observation (with your DVOM)

No need for extra shielding.  It does really... very little.  Very little.
Many thanks for the input CB.

So, no way to crudely equate number of turns to resistance so you don't have to stop turning, scrape insulation, check resistance & ect....

Again, thanks

Congrats on taking on this project! It can be frustrating but very rewarding in the end.

I was looking for the info but couldn't pin it down. I think Seymour Duncan gives the formula for finding the number of coils per layer and how many feet per layer and so on....
If you could calculate the length of wire per turn, then using the resistance per 1000' of the gauge your using you could get it close. But the best way is to test every once in while.

When you test:
Scape a small section and read the resitance,
Then cover area with nail polish before winding again.
If you get a break, repair it then fold a small bit of tape over it so the little sharp end doesn't do any damage.

I think you will find that the resistance is about .9k per 1000 turns. I haven't wound and tele sized pups yet so I'm not sure. You will end up with about 8000 turns.

Here is a helpful page: Chart near the bottom.

Best of luck!