Will this work?


Hey guys,

i am completely new to Warmoth guitars and how to build them so i was wondering if this body....


would fit this neck.....


A friend introduced me to Warmoth, and since my parents wouldnt allow me to get a Dean ML (lord knows why), i had to settle for a Cadillac. But now i think its time to start what seems to be a year long project with this new Warmoth.

any input and/or questions on what i plan to do are graciously accepted
Any Warmoth neck will fit in any Warmoth body; some necks might look a little strange on a given body, but all will fit.
The only exception is the Tele neck which is slightly different and may not work on bodies other than Teles.  But since neither of the examples you have pointed out have anything to do with Teles, I'd say your good to go!
the Caddy is actually the 1980's 2-pickup model (black with gold hardware and standard pearl inlays)

my plans for this one is what i originally wanted in the caddy (white body with white headstock, that was only a 2005/06 model, i believe) the bevels will be painted gold, as well as with some gold highlights and/or outlines on the headstock or something

all hardware on this guitar is going to be gold (bridge, q-parts ringo knobs, grover 18:1 tuners). gonna have white EMG 85/81 and if i can manage it, the jack will be where Dave Mustaine has his on his new Dean VMNT.

this is probably going to take a year to complete......
Do you really like a King V with Gibson headstock or it's just because the golden inlay?  :laughing7:
You beat me to it Nonsense! A  Jackson or a V style headstock with block inlays would be my choice, but it ain't my call so...whatever.. :dontknow:
Well the neck would fit on the body with no problems, but in my opinion doesn't fit the body. :tard:
NonsenseTele said:
Do you really like a King V with Gibson headstock or it's just because the golden inlay?  :laughing7:

i like guitars with bizzare body/headstock combos as it is, but the inlays definately won me over here, yes.  :glasses9:

plus, i wanna see how this is gonna turn out. no such thing as an ugly guitar for me ^.^
Good on ya mate!
That's what it's all about, push the envelope and do what you want  :headbang: