will-they-do-it question for warmoth guys

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I've got an Idea for my next warmoth build and its a little unorthodox from what they offer as standard and I was wondering if any of you long time customers or warmoth guys could help me with this.

I'd like to make a jazzmaster/superstrat. and make the whole thing korina.  mostly for the tonewood.  Originally i thought I'd get the blue sparkle on it but now I think I'd rather just have that at top with the clean line option with the back just natural.  That way you can still have a gander at the wood rather than have the whole thing covered in paint.  I know.. to some it would be a travesty.  But I mean c'mon it'll be my guitar.

Anyway thats pretty standard fare...  just with a bit of a Fee. 

Would warmoth. If i asked give me an all korina neck?  There's no option to have korina as a fretboard. and I dont konw if thats for a specific reason or if its just because nobody ever does it.  I like the look of a maple fretboard but in order to do that Id have to get a full maple neck. and I dont want a maple neck.

And i figured putting a maple fretboard on a korina neck would probably be more difficult that just having an all korina neck.  What do you guys think?  Satin finish on the neck. all korina ( just like an all maple neck would be) With a glossy back on the body with a cleanline option and blue sparkle on the front.  And a nice pearloid pickguard.

and then with hardware make it anything but a jazzmaster.  Get a nice meaty 'bucker in the bridge (not sure... i put a JB in my LP, so maybe a SD distortion.. or a Rio Grande since a lot of guys here think they're so awesome)  a lipstick in the middle and a big fat soapbar in the neck with a 7 way super switch that has p/u selector and coil tapping all wired into it.

I guess the biggest will-they-do-it question i have is about the neck.

It would look really cool with this kind of look on the back.

I wanted to get my hand on another project guitar. This I nearly freaked out when it was at 30 dollars.. but it has since gone up and I can't afford it right now.. I really wanted one of these.

Oh well. I hope the guy who gets it doesn't screw it up.. they dont make those anymore, unless you go with epiphone, and they're not the same.


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I'm pretty sure it's impossible because Korina is too soft for fretboard wood, it wouldn't wear at all well. I think that's the same reason you'll never see mahogany as a fretboard wood. And they only do maple boards on maple necks. Just get a nice rosewood or pao ferro board, it'll look great.