Will a Strat Little '59 Neck Pickup fit in a Tele neck route?

That’s a 5/1000th of a difference in the string hole to adjacent string hole. Simplified, that’s 1/200th of an inch. I would think you are good.

The bridge holes are 3 digits in 1, 2 in the other. If representing the 3 digits as 2, they agree. Again I would think you are good.

The biggest difference is going to be in your wallet LOL.
HA, you've got a point! I need to sit down for a moment and think this one through. I have almost everything I need except for said bridge. I don't think I've ever given this component of a build that much though to be entirely honest, but the analysis paralysis is real.

Also, RE: stratamania — Ted Woodford's better known on Youtube as twoodfrd (https://www.youtube.com/@twoodfrd/videos). His videos are super insightful and very relaxing. I'm still very new to the concept of putting together partscasters, so I really appreciate everyone's insight and guidance. And, of course, a sense of humor never hurts :)