Wilkinson/Musiclily Pickup Wire Confusion


This is pissing me off... How am I supposed to know which one is correct? The one on the left is from the Musiclily site, and the one on the right came with the pickup (bridge). I've read that the Wilkinson pickup wiring diagrams have been incorrect.

M Series Wiring small.jpg
Here is the answer I just gave from your post on TGP where the picture using the image link was working over there but not here. (possibly image size related)

Use a multimeter or something similar to check if you have continuity between the yellow and red or white wire. The one that has continuity for a particular coil that matches one of the diagrams will most likely be the correct diagram to then reference. I would think the one that came in the box which has black and white on the same coil has a better chance if I had to guess.