Wilkinsom semi-recess: did warmoth get it right?


I just got my Warmoth jazzmaster. For the bridge, I went with the Wilkinson semi-recess, but it seems as if the recess may have been displaced. Most of the recess for the bridge is like a quarter inch behind the actual bridge, where it seems to matter less. Is this right or was something midplaced? What is the point of this?

I am also slightly worried because the order came with a note to make sure the distance from the nut to the 12th fret is the same as the distance from the 12th fret to the middle of the saddles range. But using a stewmac fret ruler (I put the nut marker on the 12th fret) it seems to fall a little short.
Combined, these two things make me a little suspicious that either the recess or the studs have been misplaced.
It sounds like in terms of the recess you got what you ordered. Though, better to check before ordering.

Contact Warmoth customer service.

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This rout is called the "Wilkinson Semi-Recessed" rout everywhere on the Warmoth site because it is only recessed on the back half. The point is to allow the user to pull up on the bar. Also from the Warmoth site: