Wicked Spalted Maple Strat


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Working on work assignment testing iPhone, used for these shots; more data and sound clips later...



Body is, of course, the most awesome Spalted Maple laminate top I've ever seen on a rear route one piece Alder body, may have to break out the Nikon F2 and studio lights and take some different pix, it's hard to get a pic that is adequate using digital photography with the factory clear gloss finish. Needs black tremelo cover, thought I had an extra, but didn't.

Neck is Warmoth Pro 10/16 canarywood with jet black ebony fretborad, stainless steel 6105 frets, and Planet Waves locking auto-trim tuners, needs a black B/E roller string tree, had one, but can't find the screw... No finish required, awesome fast....

Electronics - Lace Arena set wired through 500K CTS pots, .049 orangedrop cap, 5-way megaswitch wired Neck - Neck single coil - Both - Bridge Single Coil - Bridge. I cannot say enough about these pickups/setup in this body; I'll let the sound clips do the talking, may get those up late tonight.
WOW We WOW WOW!!!! that sucker is so sweet looking.....I love the look of the plain alder the colors and woods compliment each other perfectly, that there is a very sweet and special ax!!!!  Nice job Jack....... :party07: :headbang1: :guitarplayer2:
Wow! Orgasmic looking guitar!
How does the bare Canary wood feel, compared to other bare neck woods?
My only other experience would be with naked rosewood necks, similar, but the wood has a little different feel, hard to try to explain...
You took those pics with the new iPhone?  impressive, can it make phone calls too?  oh the guitar looks good too :)
Wow! I hope mine turns out half as nice. The black hardware makes sure your not looking at anything but that awesome top!
Actually the sound is as awesome as the look; was going to try to have clips up already, but got sidetracked trying to redo my home studio setup; found a "steal deal" on a Tascam DP-01FX, but am now having to get rid of it and go in another direction...

Note on Tascam DP series digital recorders - not apparent until you read some fine print in the manual, but you can transfer existing backing tracks built with FruityLoops/Acid Pro/Band-in-a-Box/pre-recorded by other means/etc. to these units in 44 Khz 16 bit MONO .WAV format ONLY, and the result sounds like total shit. Avoid these if you use these sorts of recording techniques.....