WHY MUST THEY TEMPT ME?????????????????????


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they claim not to work with this wood because it can iritate the skin. but this is the third body that i've seen sneek into the showcase.
why do i see this after i order another body?
this body with the neck off my current strat and noiseless single coils would be soooo damn sexy!
At $850, it's not all that tempting to me, though I admit it is mighty beautiful. In conjunction with the $900 neck they suggest, you could have a wad tied up in that baby.
BB in SC
That is a beaut!!!  I am tempted every time I look at the W's website. They never fail to have twelve or twenty bodies or necks I would like to try.  Right now I try to be happy with what I have got, but it's too hard. 
And this body isn't there for such short time, he's not cheap and not a "commom sense".. So, if you're lucky, probably it will be there for a little more time, waiting for you...
Thing is, even with the $900 neck and whatever pups you use, it's still cheaper than an LP custom, a PRS standard, or a "custom shop" Peavey! I'd say it's a bargain (for someone else).
With a guitar that beautiful, your playing would be bound to sound just the same as always!

oh wait... that didn't come out right....  :icon_tongue: