Wow. That's actually painful to look at, in a good way. Amazing piece of wood, mon.
Scraping the bottom of the barrel again, using that old streaky stuff instead of some nice clear straight grained wood.  How can you live with yerselves?  :laughing7:
Last project not completely finished, current project 1/2 finished, next project in production at Warmoth, must try to resist......
I'd feel bad just cutting pickup routes in the damn thing.

My vote is for three single coils in that one there.
Naw, just hang it on the wall as is, and everyday you can dream up different configs.
Imagine that with cream hw, 3 cream single coils. maybe a wilkinson or a hardtail and then that Goncalo Neck that is suggested with it!
even better would be no inlays on the neck to keep it simple and draw more attention to the wood!
can't think of anything more orgasmic looking! (guitar wise, not talking about Jack's ex gf)