What's the closest thing I can get to TV yellow from Warmoth?


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Do you guys think that Translucent yellow on mahogany would look terrible? OK?  good?

I'm trying to figure out how to get something relatively close to TV yellow, from Warmoth, on a mahogany body.

I think it would look fine, but it might be a little too trans for TV Yellow, no? Unfortunately, I'm no expert. Are you going to copy me and do a yellow LPS?  :laughing7:
(Mine's yellow Corvette paint... :toothy11:) 
I can do it dead-nut vintage for you with lacquer but it will be exactly like Gibson did it back in the day.  If that is what your after send me an email. 
The closest you will get with out going custom is a light Butterscotch blonde.
This is my next project in the pipline: a 4th in the series of Gibson-themed teles.

That's awesome! I love it.

RockStarNick said:
This is my next project in the pipline: a 4th in the series of Gibson-themed teles.

I remember seeing a Goldtop Tele a little while back, when I lurked on this forum, too afraid to post anything. Was that part of this series as well?
I want to do a tele shape with p-90's but I'm planning to use a TOM bridge. That would make yours more Gibson-ish.

True. Tuneomatic would be more authentically gibson, but the other 3 in the series are already using strat hardtail bridges... so I'm gonna stick with that for continuity.
I think I actually prefer how this looks with the normal hardtail. Most of the 'Fensons" we see here tend towards the gibby side, but this one would be a little but more fender. Just sumfin' dif'rnt.
If you want to venture into doing it yourself, the "TV Yellow" rattlecans from ReRanch.com are as dead-on perfect to the original color as their Gold Top paint is. One word of caution, the original "TV Yellow" on vintage Gibson LP Specials/Jrs. was a bit brighter yellow to start out with when new. If you've seen pics of vintage Gibsons, the brightness of the yellow fades/creams out a bit with age/UV exposure. The Gibson re-issues of these guitars that were selling a while back had paint that looked more like a vintaged one, than the original color.

I bought a can of the ReRanch.com TV Yellow as there is another "Fenson" on my build less, once I get rid of my current project backlog; not sure if I'd call it a Tele Jr. or an LP Esquire, single bridge P90....
I'm just nervous about doing it myself... I'm going to have 3 Warmoths with pefect factory poly finishes... and I don't want the 4th one to be the ugly duckling because of my ineptitude when it comes to finishing.

I'm sure the spraying I can handle. It's the details with the grain filler and whatnot that make me nervous.

I'm looking into also doing this project in vintage/olympic white, which would also kinda look cool and vintage. And relatively gibson-esque.
Have you called them up to ask them what they can do regarding this type of finish?
no grain filler in the TV yellow that gibson was doing a while back. I think that re-ranch saya no grain filler as well.

bpmorton777 said:
no grain filler in the TV yellow that gibson was doing a while back. I think that re-ranch saya no grain filler as well.


While you can do it with grain filler, it's not gonna look "right" if you're doing a gloss top coat. If you wanted to do something a little different, you could omit the grain filler, shoot the TV Yellow and then do a satin top finish. Keep in mind that mahogany pores suck an unbelievable amount of finish into themselves for appearing so tiny and you're going to want the TV Yellow to cure for an extended period of time.

If you're referring to those ca. $800 (at GC or musiciansfriend.com) "faded TV yellow" LP Special re-issues that Gibson had out a while back, they were grain filled and looked like they used a brownish rather than a clear filler on the mahogany, almost bought one on sale at the MF.com outlet.
Ok so I did some photoshop comparisons...

Here's the TV yellow simulation:

And here's what it would look like in translucent yellow. Almost TOO yellowish and "golden" looking.

Here's one in Olympic White for fun. I LIKE it, but for some reason, I just love having actual wood grain showing...

Here's what it would look like in ash and Butterscotch Blonde:

Here's a photoshop simulation of what the Butterscotch Blonde would look like on Mahogany. As far as using Warmoth for finishing, THIS is probably the closest thing I'd get to a vintage TV yellow looking.