What voltage capacitor


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I went to get a cap (.047) for my project, the guy at the shop asked what voltage I needed but was I unable to answer as I dont know, so I took all 3 that he had available, anybody able to shed some light on this one for me. Thanks.
If you were using the capacitor in an active circuit like a guitar amp, the voltage rating could be critical to ensure it didn't burn up, typically the higher the voltage rating the larger the capacitor a .047 rated at 250V for a power circuit might be half the size of your little finger. As you're using it as a passive band filter with little voltage in the circuit, you can use the very small sized ones that I think are typically rated 12V.
So should I use only the smallest one of the capacitors, i.e. do you tink it will do the job, it looks like it will be the easiest one to solder as it has longer contacts. I cant be sure but I thought the guy in the shop said it was 70 v.  Thanks.
Sure, you don't HAVE to use a real low voltage capacitor, I think those big Sprague "orange drop" caps a lot of people swear by are rated 200V...; I usually use the green mylar ones from RadioShack that run 2 fer $1.49, those are rated 50v

Any voltage rating will do.  The larger rated caps are also physically larger... so whatever... just get one that fits the space you have to work in.

I like those mylar ones, but have been using the Mallory 150's (600v) because their rather small in size and I have a boatload on hand.
ditto on the radio shack mylar caps!
cheap, easy to find and don't hog space.
they sound pretty good too.