What to put in position 3


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I have decided to setup my SD P90 stack with a 5 position rotary switch.  The positions will be:

1:  Both coils parallel
2:  Coil tapped
3:  ?
4:  Power Boost
5:  Both coils series

The power boost will be done as described here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/images/products/electric/specialized/501025-105.pdf
At the bottom of the page. 

My question is, what should I put in position 3?  Stewmac only has 5 and 6 position rotaries, and I have no interest what so ever in going to a blade switch.  I considered going for a out of phase option on position 3, but I don't think it would be worth it.  The coils sit on top of each other in the stack, so chances are it would cancel out almost the entire sound.  I was wandering if someone could suggest some sort of tone choke/notch filter/etc that would be a cool unique sound that I could put in that middle position. 
How about a Bill Lawrence Q-filter?

Disclaimer: I've never used/heard one but I've heard a lot ABOUT them.  Supposed to sound good.
well you could do a notch filter but that would be more useful hooked to a pot. the funny thing about some seymour duncan stacked singles is that they get wired out of phase, the output of one coil is significantly less than the other so there is little loss but if you switch the phase you get a little more output and alot more hum. you can do a "power boost" in parallel also but the diference will be much less significant.

i haven't heard the p-90 stack but some noiseless singles have a noticeable "phased sound" without the significant loss in output that a phased pair pickups would have. this can be sound good but wiring the coils in phase in parallel may give a truer p-90 or single coil sound, slightly brighter than split.

that's just my 2 Yen

ok now are you going to use this with another pickup? if so you can go in series with a capacitor on one of em for your position 3, this shifts the phase up to 90 deg.'s to give a better out of phase sound between 2 pickups, i haven't tried it yet but it can't be as terrible as without the cap out of phase.