What to do Cannot get trem arms to fit


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Well, Ive assembled , oh, I guess 5 or 6 Warmoth Guitars ( well and also  ive gone over to the dark side USACG haha) , and I've put vintage brass trems of unknown origin ( probably old Mity mite and Dimarzios) on most of them. They are Strat style 6 point trems.
I just cannot get any screw in arms to fit- niether Fender vintage or std or mexican.
Ive been thinking maybe I could get a standard size thats bigger than the hole, and then Tap and die the block? Anyone have any experience with this problem? thanks
Can you take either the bridge, or the whole guitar, to a really good hardware store? They'll have a big aisle of all the different sized bolts, and you can at least find out what size and threads you're looking for. This won't be an Ace Hardware - rather, the place where the contractors go and crusty old guys who mumble, yet know everything.... you've probably got a metric hole, but it could be 5mm, 5.3mm, 6mm or god knows what-all else. I bought up a few 5mm bolts for mine and I've been tempted to try to invent some king of Korn-ian palm pedal.