What strangeness is causing my intonation to be an entire 1/2 step off??!


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So, I have a top mount Floyd setup, with an R3 nut, on my Soloist build. I loooove this guitar and haven’t been able to stop playing it. Everything was PERFECT, and all I did today was swap out the R3 for a Kahler nut, at the suggestion of a forum member, to get rid of the string retainer bar (I hate that thing, but it’s a necessity with a Floyd nut.).

So, the Kahler lines up well, it mounted just fine, my string to string spacing is where it should be, the E strings are properly spaced from the fretboard edges, and when I play fretted runs of notes, it seems to be in tune with itself, but the entire fretboard is basically a 1/2 step off with intonation. ??!!!???! There is NO 12th fret harmonic, because it’s so far off; there’s a 13th fret harmonic.

I’m stumped. The edge of the nut is (almost) right up against the edge of the fretboard, where it should be. I did notice that there’s a hairline gap between nut and fretboard, but that shouldn’t be a 1/2 step worth!

The only other thing is that the action is too low because the nut shelf is of course cut for a Floyd R3, so I need to play with some shims, but I don’t think raising the action a couple of 64ths is going to resolve a 1/2 step of intonation.

What is going on here?!?!?!?! Any ideas? Anything I can try?

I can very easily revert back to the R3 and string retainer bar, no problem, very simple, but I like this Kahler nut and would love to use it.

It’s a Kahler 5532 nut with String Director. Thanks for any input.


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I would suggest reading your own post again the answers are in what you already wrote. You have introduced several variables, further from the edge of the board, lower etc. In other words yes it can and has made a difference.


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The problem was super obvious reading it, but the idea of picking up an electric guitar and not first slamming a big fat open chord seems so wrong somehow