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Hi all,
I intend to put together a Warmoth guitar but am a little hesitant and request some input from more knowledgeable people.
What I want is a LP style that is my own unique guitar but has a LP sound. I am thinking a chambered mahogany body with a quilted maple top, a mahogany neck with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. I would probably use something like the Classic 57 humbuckers.
My hesitation is spending a lot of money and not getting the sound I want, that is, some off the wall sound that I am not happy with.
I currently have a 2008 LP Standard that I am returning for something more unique looking.
I have no experience with Warmoth guitars so I would greatly appreciate someones input. 

Thanks so much


I think the chances of "some off the wall sound" happening is next to nothing. But if you read those above threads you'll quickly see what my opinion is on what you should do. ;)
Two things about the build you propose...

A hollow or chambered body will sound different that an solid body, this should be something you understand.  In my experience it sounds a bit less dark.  I know that adjective fail miserably when describing sound, but that is what I'll tell you. 

Number two, scale length.  The 25.5 inch necks have more tension and to me sound a bit brighter, but unfortunately, there is a lot that the individual piece of wood can do to this.

Finally, it will sound good, but remember to ask what you wish it to sound like (sound/artist, more song than artist) and then get the appropriate parts.  I tend to like bright loud guitars so the hollow Les Paul with a Wenge 25.5 inch scale neck fits the bill for me.  Be sure to read through the threads in a previous post, that will answer a lot of questions, or give you questions that narrow your scope down a bit.

Thanks for the replies.
As to specifics, I intend to play classic rock type stuff. My favorite all time solo part is Peter Frampton's ending to Do You Fell Like We Do. It is driving yet not squealing if that makes sense. The same for the ending of Stairway to Heaven. I also like the older Allman Brothers sound alot. How's that for generically specific.
I suppose I should consider the solid body if the 25" scale is going to make it brighter. One of my fears is it being to bright, like maple necked Blonde Beauty LP I tried.
Weight is not really an issue since I don't play professionally.

Mark W said:
...the ending of Stairway to Heaven.

I suppose I should consider the solid body if the 25" scale is going to make it brighter.

you don't need to go 25.5 scale - they have conversion necks that are 24.75 like a Gibson

the solo in Stairway was played on a Tele.