What should I use to remove the finish from my fret wire?


Orange Tortex

I’ve been recommended to use one of these two things:




The problem is, I don’t know what grit to use and I don’t want to buy the whole set because there are other things I need that are also expensive.
So which grits should I get specifically for removing the lacquer from my frets?
If there are any other ways, what are they?
Razor blade, credit card or just play it off.
That’s what I did.
I mostly played the lacquer off and helped some frets lose the lacquer in some places with a plastic library card.
rick2 said:
For me, I just play it, and the finish falls off eventually.
Does it completely fall off to reveal the shiny frets or does it just chip off at the points where the strings make contact?
it falls off. Looks fine.    If there’s anything left follow Logrinn’s advice. 
For mine I taped off fret board and buff the frets with 000 and 0000 steel wool.
the fret rubbers work great but dont waste money on the overpriced stew mac ones when u can get basically the same thing on Amazong for a fract (fraction) of the price. Start with like, I dunno... 400 something.  Doesn't really matter since you'll work ur way up to a dank polish with the the fine ones. Rubbers are great! (the kind for frets and also the profilactic kind. Stay safe, my turtles)