What is the standard Fender Strat C "Neck Profile", and CBS C "Neck Profile?"

I'm trying to find the perfect "Neck Profile" for my custom strat neck, and I'm wanting something similiar to the CBS Neck Profile's. I have a vintage re-issue Fender Stratocaster, that has a CBS era neck that has a perfect 'neck profile.' Could anyone possibly tell me how to measure the neck profile on the strat that I have now, so i can get the exact neck profile cut for my new one? I'm pretty sure that it's a thin C-Shape, but not positive, I have pics if anyone would care to take a look n help me out. Any feedback is much appreciated, Thanks.
An important part of the neck shape is the width at the nut.
I have found that most CBS necks are quite narrow at the nut.
Go for the 1 5/8" option, perhaps with a '59 Roundback.

I've just measured a '78 Tele neck...0.88" at the 1st fret and 0.95" at the 12th fret
The '59 Roundback is very close at 0.86" and 0.97".
The nut width on the '78 Tele is almost exactly 1 5/8"

Also, the fretboard radius is 7 1/4", and that makes a big difference to the feel of the neck.