what is the difference?


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what is the difference between these two?

this one costs $320 finished : http://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?i=pt1348&Body=2&Path=Body

this one costs $307 unfinished : http://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?i=T1592&Body=2&Path=Body

both are swamp ash bodies. so why the difference in prices?

due to the weight?
Hrmm my thoughts.

1. The black piece is old, the longer things are in the showcase, sometimes they get price drops.

2. The black piece is made with a really ugly piece, hence the black finish, while that unfinished one has really nice grain lines and color.

3. The weight is always a factor.

4. Black could have a blem, but they would have said something, they are good about that.
vtpcnk said:
can we have some input from warmoth on this issue?

You've already received some good answers.  Showcase items may be discounted, though there is no guarantee any price will be dropped. 

Based on the threads you've started over the past few days, I'd say you are massively over analyzing this.  You could be suffering from analysis paralysis.
>I'd say you are massively over analyzing this.  You could be suffering from analysis paralysis.

frankly i am surprised by this statement.

but that is simply not me.

i like to gather as much information as possible before i make a judgement/decision.

sometimes i err - but most often not.

i would rather have made a wrong judgement with as much information as possible so that i can learn from my mistake, than blindly decide without adequate research.

and i don't think anybody suffered due to abundant information.

but again as i said, that is me.
Wyliee said:
analysis paralysis.

rhyme time in the warmoth formoth

anyway, i could be completely mistaken but i think that body was around when i was looking into warmoth close to a year ago  ???  could be completely mistaken, but that would be a price drop over time most likely, and as stated already; finished items are usually a great deal