What happened to my order special instructions?


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Just placed my first Warmoth order and had a few special instructions (that were definitely saved).  I verified they were there before I clicked "complete order."  After the order was placed I received my order confirmation but no special instructions were there.  I go to the web, click on my order and that field is blank so I retyped  them to the best of my memory, clicked save and they still don't appear. 

Does Warmoth have them with my order and I can't see them or did they get lost someplace and my order will suffer the fate of not having the special instructions?

I had exactly the same experience.  In my case the special instructions were redundant, so it probably didn't make a difference for my order.

I just looked and another setting I changed didn't take (finish color).  I'll call in the morning and see if they can correct it.  If they miss my special instructions I'll have to send the body and pickguard back.  :(

Better to contact Warmoth sales than here. Perhaps they do or do not have it as it may be bug related on the new website.
Definitely phone them!  Do it now!  Do not delay!

.... delay at your PEARL  (assuming you ordered something with pearl...)
They did receive the special instructions, even though it doesn't show on the order confirmation or the e-mail confirmation. I had the same concern with my recent order.
Same issue with me.  Special instructions did not make it onto my online receipt, but Warmoth definitely had the details on the order.  The Cust Service rep said this has been happening.

Must be some issue with their website.  I'd double check, but shouldn't be an issue.
I had a somewhat similar experience lately. A few weeks ago I ordered an unfinished strat body and wrote in the order notes to pick the lightest alder they had to build it. A few days ago sales contacted me and said they viewed my request and it was 40$ more for the lightweight option. I said ok go for it. I don’t recall them ever charging me the 40$ and I received a strat body being exactly 4.0lbs, which isn’t heavy but isn’t lightweight either. No I don’t know if they didn’t charge me because when they checked their wood blanks they didn’t have any particularly light wood to use at that time or if they simply lost my request in the process tbh.
I called the next day and they did get them.  Ironically, he changed the order to reflect them while I was on the phone and got them slightly wrong.  :)  So I had to call back.  But I gotta say, when ever I've called support they have always been excellent.  The next guy fixed it right up, sent the email confirmation and now I wait. 

This guitar is either going to be amazing... or will be the guitar version of the car Homer Simpson designed. 

McHale said:
or will be the guitar version of the car Homer Simpson designed. 
That is my next project, so I can combine all my best ideas into one guitar.  :eek:ccasion14:

It will be interesting to see your pics when its done.