What finish could this be at warmoth?


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This guitar will be the basis for my 4th project. Yes, I'm a les paul addict, and I dont want anything else....

But what finish warmoth offers, could be this one? tobacco? black/brown/yellow? black/red/yellow? and what color would be the closest thing to the jimmy page-color?


is the one without pickups simply the cherryburst, and the other honey? or would that be more like the tobacco? How does the tobacco differ from the honeyburst? The gibson-version has a bit of black in it, but the warmoth-version isn't too clear on it.

Or should I, when I order, give these pictures as an indication on what colour I like?
looks like you're pretty close... the black/brown/yellow is a good guess...
so is tobacco burst.

i think that first guitar is b/b/y or something like.
the jimmy page at the bottom looks like a tobacco burst to me, but finishes look different in pics.

i'd think having those pics as reference isn't a bad idea.

most LPs have a maple top and mahogany back... check out the showcase and isolate those woods... you'll get  a lot of LPs and can start to look at the big pics to decide what you like best.




the last one, the cherry, is deffinitly cherryburst, but the page and the other one (its the guitar of dutch guitarhero, jan akkerman!) arent as easy to find. Oh well, I guess its the tobacco without the black which you see sometimes for the page, and the black/brown/yellow for the custom.
yeah i don't like black edges on bursts or black backs... tobacco with a trans brown back gave the tobacco on my strat a little smoother fade like the JPage guitar.
those bursts are all popular on the showcase so i'm sure we can find good bodies for comparison if you search for long enough.
yeah, think so too :)  I will give my salesperson these pics as a reference for the colors I want. perhaps they can give me a better advice on what colorscheme to use.

For the page, though, I will use a redish back, and for the custom (jan akkerman les paul) I will use a brown back. Damn, I've got too many les pauls to build...