What exactly is "Bengal Burst" finish?


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From what I can see, it's black grain filler, and then a sunburst that goes from Black to brown to yellow to clear.

Does that sound about right?

Also, to me, seems like it works alot better on Swamp Ash than maple...

I would say it is black on the figuring, sanded back, followed by yellow.  Then it is red bursted followed by black bursted on the outside.  Those last two might be swapped in order.  The dyes work really well on figured maple.  Your concept of it would be sort of a Bengal three tone swamp ash burst.  Not a bad idea I must admit, but the dyed maple has all kinds of marvelous Mother Nature entropy to the way it looks from all kinds of angles.  Pictures will not do it justice.

It's definitely red and not brown and I might even say the yellow is more gold.  It's kind of different in person because in some lights it looks really really red and then in others it looks like the most spectacular tobacco burst you have ever seen.  Regardless, it is a spectacular finish all the war around.
SO if there's dyes involved, then it probably wouldn't work well on Korina, huh?

I was dead set on getting a satin clear finish on my korina soloist, but something about a burst now intrigues me.  Maybe brown to clear burst on Korina?
I know a dragon burst works on korina.  Volitions Advocate that posts here had one, but I don't know if that is green and yellow dye or trans green and yellow or what it is.  You'd probably save yourself some time and incomplete answers if you give Warmoth a call.  They're pretty helpful.  That said, Gregg or Wylie or Tony will probably post an answer from the finish guys at some point in the next day or so.
The reason I would say yellow dye over black dye is that in my experience the dyes blend a little bit when you put one over another, so the school bus yellow color becomes warmer and more golden when applied over the black.  I don't think that you'd do a Bengal burst on anything that wasn't figured maple.  If you wanted to get that effect with black Korina, you'd have to specify a piece that had nice black streaks and then get a tobacco burst over that.  I am unsure if Warmoth would do black grain fill, I am guessing no because it is a pain with Korina and takes a lot of time.  But with the black streaks naturally there plus a tobacco burst, that would be as close as I could imagine to a Bengal Burst with out the figured maple.

Good call... maybe that's why I like bengal burst so much to begin with - the black streaks.

Tobacco burst on Korina looks bangin'... ugh, decisions, decisions...