Im building a thinline with two p 90s, but im not sure which bridge to use. im not doing a whammy or anything like that. just a normal fixed bridge
Can anyone help me out???
What are you looking for? will it be a original or 72 thinline?
you could do a strat style hardtail bridge if you don't like the traditional Tele bridge.
There are also a couple of Thinlines on this forum with TOM's. I am thinking about trying a recessed TOM on my next Thinline.
Depends on how you want to mount the bridge P90. If buying from Showcase, mostly ALL thinlines are bridge routed for std Tele bridge and you have to route for HB and use a HB sized P90 in Gotoh Tele HB bridge.

If custom ordering the Thinline body; use whatever you like, what kind of bridge are you comfortable with?
I just built a strat with a Schaller 475 fixed bridge... It's pretty nice, has some rollers on the bridge pieces for spacing.
I heard  a lot of good things about it and my luthier and the guys at the supply shop seemed to really dig it.


That could be a non-traditional option, and a good alternative to TOM bridge if you think that'd look funny on anything but a LP body.

Hey MKFAN, does the Schaller 475 retain the rollers if a string breaks or do they fall on the floor ?

i'm thinking about getting a 475 for a coupla guitars - one for a Schecter Omen 6 and one for a Kay K2T with God knows what fretboard radius and bridge height and string spacing (sweet though - wish i hadn't changed out the original bridge for a wide-travel tune-o-matic 27 years ago).

can you post pics of your guitar ?