Warmoth Walnut Burst Variax Conversion - Luke inspired - two necks?


I am new to the forum, so I thought I should show off the goods  :icon_smile:

Here are some pictures of my 'LUKE' inspired Variax conversion.  I actually purchased this guitar "completed" last year, and I have tried a couple different necks.  When I got the guitar there were  a few things not mentioned by the seller that should have been disclosed about the guitar - lack of setup, not completed, and the Variax models were all out of whack.

I completed the guitar and got the Variax electronics working perfectly.  I replaced the cracked output jack that came with the guitar with a brand new one.  Overall, it turned out REALLY well.  It's setup perfectly and plays great!

Here is the guitar as it is at the moment.  Padouk neck with Maccassar ebony board 4+2 angled headstock.  It reminds me of the EBMM Ball Family Reserve (BFR) Luke.

Check out the fingerboard figure!  WOW!

The other neck I tried was a 24 3/4 conversion neck.  I really liked it, but I thought the 4+2 looked great on the guitar. I now have the 24 3/4 one on a more traditional Strat (pics to come at a later date)
I'm glad I could enspire you man.

But seriously I love the Luke guitar, and I love yours too, that's brilliant, and a killer fretboard.  :icon_thumright: