Warmoth vs. Fender neck profiles


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Anyone have hands on experience with both Fender and Warmoth?

A Warmoth neck is getting the nod for my build....question is, which profile?
A 1-11/6" nut is a must, not sure if I want Maple or Rosewood, and I've narrowed down the styles to either their Total Vintage or Vintage Modern series.

I'm mainly a rhythm player, some licks, not a whole lot of leads and that means barre chords for me. I'm not really sure if I need compound 10-16 radius....I don't usually get that far up the neck except for chording. I have a Fender '69 RI Thinline and love the neck....very slick and comfy.

Interestingly though, my guitar teacher has a Custom Shop Nocaster with a pretty thick neck and yesterday he let me play it during our lesson. It took a little getting used to from my Thinline, but overall it seemed comfortable.

How do these profiles compare:

Fender 7.5" U shape vs. Warmoth Total Vintage 7.5" thin contour

Fender Nocaster vs. Warmoth Vintage Modern 10"-16" Fatback?

I'm leaning towards the 7.5" Total Vintage only because I love the fingerboard on my present Thinline, but I need some direction on the profile compared with it's Fender counterpart.

As always, thanks in advance.



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Well, the compound radius isn't really a big deal, it just feels like a slightly flatter radius than the fender 9" standard. It's perfectly fine for chording all the way up - not a 'shred only' design by any means. At the same time, if you like that 7.25 radius, and you don't hit huge bends, then that's what you should get, though I would not get the total vintage because you've got to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod. Vintage modern with an 8" straight radius maybe?

I'm a fan of the '59 neck profile, plenty big, very comfy, but not huge. Like an older Les Paul. I've not played the warmoth boat and fat, though, usually the guys who have those swear by them although a couple people have put them up for sale because they were too thick. You really should head down to Sam Ash or GC and play a bunch of different necks and take notes, maybe bring a ruler or something with you - there's not a best answer, it's just whatever you feel good with.