Warmoth Tshirts


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Just thinking... they'd probably sell better if there was a nice looking gal with large American breasteses modeling them.
CB- you dont like the fat redneck look with the hairy belly exposed under the too small shirt?

Ok me neither I like your plan "A"
A Warmoth shirt with a chick on it would be cool. Hell even just the Warmoth name and logo would be cool.
I would like it if they came in a variety of colors, instead of just Black which I rarely wear........... :dontknow:

and of course I would definantly be more interesed if they were like CB mentioned...hehehehehe.....
Maybe we can select from a pallete of custom colors, bursts, candy, transparent, metallic, clearcoat......
The problem is that Warmoth can't do a entire guitar (even the VIP, Gregg? It's not a Fender model). So if it was possible the idea of CD should be cool: a hot girl with a guitar... Perhaps the Gecko bass.. :dontknow:

Burst shirt?  :icon_biggrin: It can be done certainly!
I like the smokin' hot chick idea.  Heels, bent over, ass up high looking backat you w/ the Warmoth Logo on her left butt cheek.  Yep.  That would sell....in fact here's my 20.00.


Warmoth could build certain model guitars if we were set up for it. Our niche has actually been to stay away from that side of the business since that involves more U.S. labor; our biggest cost in producing product.

The latest shirt with that simple logo across it has been our best selling design so far. Ken's not going to go for one with chicks on it. How about a turtle n a half shell?
I just realized  that I am wearing a t-shirt that has all the different parts of a guitar on it all laid out and organized and says, "Assembly Required". That would be cool with a Warmoth logo above it.
How about a t-shirt with a good looking guy holding, say a gibson or whatever, all alone, and a average guy holding a warmoth with two girls all over him.
Gregg Stewart said:
Ken's not going to go for one with chicks on it. How about a turtle n a half shell?

Not babes ON the shirt.... dammit... a babe IN the shirt on the website.  Tasteful of course.  Better than ol' wassisname wearin it in a "too small" picture.  Then again, maybe that picture needs to be small... yipes!~ <gggg>

Just saying, as always, sex sells.  Sells tshirts really well, even if the gal is just yer kid sister type.
Im with CB on this one, screw the dude we don't know lets get the Hottie we don't know instead!!!!!....heheheheeheh

Like CB put it, SEX Sells, ....sounds like a great way to frame it for Ken.......lol!!!

But ....Pleeze!!!...., get a hottie that will do it for free, "cuz weez dosn't wants to be paying anymore than we have to for our Geetar Stuff"  do we guys??.....hahaahahahaha

Yeah I think the front page could use a slight makeover.......... :icon_tongue:...........Girls........get over here!