Warmoth "Noventa" Telecaster


Sharing my homage to Billy Gibbons. Parental Guidance suggested whenever near a Marshall.

~ bound Warmoth Telecaster body with unique choice Pau Ferro top and Roasted Swamp Ash body with contoured heel and belly cut
~ bound Warmoth Roasted Maple neck with unique choice Pau Ferro fretboard. Headstock bound by local luthier
~ Lindy Fralin P90
~ Wilkinson bridge with Glendale "Titanium" Intone Cutting Edge set
~ Custom Sperzel tuners
~ Custom pickguard (based upon Fender's Noventa Tele pickguard) made by a private builder

Warmoth Noventa BillyTelecaster top3 copy 2.jpg

Warmoth Noventa BillyTelecaster bottom3 copy 2.jpg
What a beauty! That said I am unsure BG was a huge P-90 guy?
Is there a Billy > Waylon connection I don't know about? Awesome guitar either way
Well, I swapped out the Warmoth Telecaster neck (and put it on my Warmoth Koa Thinline) for a Warmoth reverse Stratocaster neck. I then applied a Warmoth metallic sticker, and then had "binding" painted on. Gotta say that the picture below doesn't do it justice!
Warmoth Noventa BillyTelecaster copy.jpg
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No connection, just stupid little things I do to merge my passions. I love Billy. And Waylon. And a whole bunch of others!