Warmoth Necks for Epiphone Bolt-ons


Can anyone tell me if the Warmoth "LP"style necks are compatible with the neck pockets that Epiphone ships  with their
LP Juniors, SGs, that kind of stuff. I've wanted to"Warmoth-ize" a LP Junior but I'm not sure if the Warmoth necks will fit
or not.
I don't know the neck butt/neck pocket specs of the Epi bolt-ons, you could always pull the measure it carefully and compare to the specs on the website.

I DO know that scale-wise you'll be off unless you move the bridge on the Epiphone, which makes replacing the neck a lot more of a project.

Jack, you're saying that the Warmoth LP necks aren't Gibson scale-length?Sothey must be 25.5"? I sure didn't know that. Appreciate the info!
You can 25.5" necks; the 24.75" conversion necks are scaled for the bridge placement on Warmoth bodies, which is by default set for 25.5" scale. So if you want to use a Warmoth neck on an Epi or other bolt-on 24.75" scale neck you'll need to move the bridge to maintain proper scale length, IF the neck heel/neck pocket specs match up to start out with. Simple solution is to buy a Warmoth body, too...
before you ditch the idea, it is entirely posible that there is a coincinental match, wait scratch that does it have a 22 fret board? if yes does it have alittle over hang at the end of the neck? if not plan on moving the bribge. this is most likely the case.

if the answer is yes to both or no to the first one there can be a match, maybe, probably not though. warmoth advertises the distance froh the heel to the bridge saddles, this is aprox because the guitar needs to be intonated but the measurement for a warmoth neck to work is 7-1/8"

hey if it don't work you can always just build a new guitar. hope that helps