Warmoth Neck- Strat


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Hi guys,

Im ordering a Warmoth neck, need to know the back contour of USA standard and the predecessor series neck, website says 9.5" is that 12th fret too? Also I am putting it on a mexi standard body but I may get a different bridge, nut width should be 1" 11/16? Also will the warmoth bridge fit with a Callaham block?

btw, I thought of getting standard thin but may go with wizard, I thought standard thin may be too thick, I like some usa strats, but some are too thick.

I don't really understand your questions, maybe. The warmoth standard thin back, 1 11/16 nut is very close to the basic american standard strat. I've got both here and it's practically the same. Pick whatever back contour and nut width you like, any of it should fit just fine on your mexi strat. There's no such thing as a 'warmoth bridge', so that's about all I can help with. Good luck.
thanks. Yes just wondering about the back contour of the USA strat. I think I was getting confused with fretboard radius.

In regards to the warmoth bridge, i want to fit this bridge to my mexi body http://www.warmoth.com/hardware/bridges/bridges.cfm?fuseaction=vintage_strat_trem

and, I want to get this bridge assembly and also fit a callaham bridge to it. which block should I order? would it be the american, as the one warmoth are offering are identical to usa tremelo's? is this correct?

I don't know for sure, but I don't think the mexican strats can take american (or 'warmoth') hardware. I know for example that the pickguards won't fit. I believe callaham might sell a 'mexican strat tremolo upgrade' kit or something, if I remember right. If you're trying to turn a mexican strat into an awesome guitar, a warmoth neck, that callaham upgrade, and some new pickups may be the way to go.
BUT...you could sell most mexican strats for about $300 and put that money into a basic warmoth body and pickguard, and you'd be about the same total cost, but you'd have a top-quality instrument. Something to think about.
thanks mate. so american trem fits warmoth pickguard?

Ive actually got just a mexi body with custom shop pickups, with no neck, but do you think the warmoth wood quality of the body will be far better than the mexi body?

No question the wood will be better, and it'll probably look better. Will it sound better, that you can tell the difference? I don't know. The only real issue with the mexican body might be getting a tremolo and pickguard that fit it. I'd go ebay for those items, searching specifically for mexican parts. I just assumed you were upgrading a complete MIM strat, which is not necessarily cost-effective.