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Heres A question for the Warmoth guys

Does Warmoth make guitar deals with any high profile players?

I have a good buddy who is in a new up and comming band in the Portland Oregon area, called "The jacb Merlin Band"    http://www.myspace.com/jacobmerlin                              These guys are studio class musicians, and are making some great original music. their music style apeals to all ages 10-100  maybe younger, maybe older

My buddy Mike is in the higher end of guitar players, such as EVH, satriani, eric johnson etc... He is good friends with satriani, steve miller, has played with eddie money, and others i dont even remember.

these guys have one Cd out now and enough material for at least 2 more, they are well known in this area, and with just one little break, they will be as popular as maroon5 or equivalent in just a few months or short years.

So right now Mike does not have a guitar deal, if Warmoth does such a thing, how does it work?

He's played my warmoth at a few gigs, he loves the neck. and we are currently looking at putting one together for him to use full time.
We would really love to use the warhead headstock too :toothy10:
Hey I know Rgznk Grblyk, famous up and coming Icelandic guitar player, specializing in American music like the blues, and Rock-a-Billy.  He's good friends with BBKing, but also knew John Lee Hooker, Roy Buchanan, Bob Wills, and other dead guys (most of which could accurately spell the word "Warmoth").  He's done a few CDs, notably a dual disk set of covers of Barbara Streisand work, and the seminal "Rock-a-Bill Ding Dong Darlin'" album, which covers famous Texas Swing and Rock-a-Billy love ballads.  But he's also into his own music genere, a sort of Icelandic folk-blues-rock-polka.  Maybe he should get a free axe too.  Or maybe two or three.  I'm sure people would be able to instantly tell his good taste and couth, by seeing him in rarely release studio photographs (or even on stage) with a Warmoth Strat, or better yet, Warmoth Telecaster, made from original Warmoth parts.  He'd need black hardware, naturally......

Somehow I don't think Ken needs to do any giveaways on products.... just a wild ass guess.
-CB- said:
Somehow I don't think Ken needs to do any giveaways on products.... just a wild ass guess.

Hey! Fender, Gibson, Vox, Marshall and a bunch of others BIG companies don't need either, but they do. And I'm sure: the only reason why they do is: Seen big stars/good musicians playing it, you 'think' it worthwhile! And of course: visual marketing...
Hey man, marketing is everything (of course, has a good product helps a lot, but we know a bunch of guitars/amp/pedals not so good who has a good selling volume)
So.... when you see a Strat on stage, in front of your favorite artist, do you think - "I wonder if its a Fender, or better yet... a WARMOTH!"

The brand recognition of shapes and styles is such that a company in the replacement parts business would be identified with the major brand, not his own. 

Yes, Warmoth does more "original" shapes too.  Tough nut to crack in the marketplace methinks.

Fender knows they can hang a Hello Kitty Strat somebody famous, and sell ten thousand of em "just because".  Its the power of two brands merging - the famous artist and Fender. 
Yes! If they want just do ONLY replacement parts, it's 100% correct (If I understand correct...).

But anyways, I think one or two renomated players saying "I use Warmoth guitars" will not make the selling fall....  :icon_biggrin:
Well someplace in there is some legal mumbo about necks and bodies being "replacement" parts, although yes, they do get built into "replica" guitars.

Well, thats all my opin... lets see what Gregg and the W folks have to say
We get many requests for endorsements from those who are about to be famous, know someone famous or who once had a brush with fame.  We simply just do not have a program in place yet. If we could just catch up with our current orders, we'd have time to concentrate on getting more business.

I am hopeful one day to be able to offer such programs though.
Hey CB, You just trying to be funny or what?

This is the second post of mine that you seem to miss the basic message.  

No one asked for free guitars or anything free, understand that first and foremost. Who said anything about promoting a warmoth made strat copy either?

I know guitar companies give guitars to people, its good business to have your guitar in Eddie VanHalens hands, or anyone else who is high profile.

I'm smart enough to know that Warmoth doesn't give away guitars to no name players, Turns out they dont give them to even high profile players either
But we didn't know that till we asked did we?

I was hoping for a lot less, when they go bigtime, parts at a discount and make the warhead neck is all.

CB  You seem to have targeted me for some reason, I dont get it. I'm too old for your games. I am retired, I have almost 20 awesome guitars, a million dollar home.
I have a great family, I have it all, Don't you worry about me thank you
I enjoy the people here and I understand most of the humor people fling arround, I dont understand yours.
My last post you called me a cheap bastard, you couldn;t have been more wrong, I am not out to save a penny, I am wanting to try some of the lesser known products out there
hoping to stumble upon a great find. Thats how america works- help the underdog. I was asking if anyone had any experience with those products.

If you find my topics not to your liking, please feel free to pass it by.  

I've got nearly 200 posts here, I have never attacked or made fun of anyone here for anything.

I am asking nothing of you CB  no reply necesary-have a nice day, Peace

1.  Yes, I'm always trying to be funny, life is too short of all work no play.

2.  Rather than miss your basic message, I merely added points of my own, my own perspective (twisted), sarcastic parody of the situation, and verve.  If I do it again, its reverve, that echoey humor.  That is, your post was really of inconsequence to me, except that it caused me to ponder the whole situation of tit-for-tat in the music industry.  And who is this guy Tat anyway... lucky one he is!

3.  I never said you indicated that anyone should get anything for free.  I don't see those words about what you said at all. 

CB  You seem to have targeted me for some reason
Nothing, my dear fellow, could be further from the truth.  You seem to be a little thin skinned today.

4. I never called you a cheap bas'tid.  Never, ever.  Never.  Go read the post man.  READ it.  Somebody makes an idea known, sets forth a bit of postulate and all of a sudden you think its about you.  Why is this?  I mean you're a good man, a great fellow, you have it all, but not every post is about you.  Some are about me!

If you find my topics not to your liking, please feel free to pass it by. 
I reserve the privilege to add opposing viewpoints, constructive food for thought, general commentary, opinion (my own or others), humor in its manifold bounty, and occasionally some drivel.  Sorry.  I broke no rules here, and never called you anything.  I only added my own ideas, zany, whacked, offbeat and true as they might be.

5.  I make fun of IDEAS and IDEALS, not the poster.  Give some poetic license here, have a Drambuie, relax, we're all friends!

---- And now back to our regularly scheduled thread -----

Hmmmm...  hey now, let's pull the reins on this horse.....

As Gregg indicated, Warmoth does not have a contract or endorsement program in place.  Fulfilling our open orders and keeping pace with new orders has us cruising right along.  BTW, we've got some sweet black korina coming in. <wink wink, nudge nudge>

Just to address some of the other comments:  Warmoth provides replacement parts, not finished guitars, basses, clocks, wall art or what have you.  I hear the neck and body boxes make excellent for excellent underbed storage, though!

Wyliee said:
  I hear the neck and body boxes make excellent for excellent underbed storage, though!


I heard that if you glued 300 body boxes and 150 neck boxes together you could make a couch????? :laughing7: