warmoth dinky P korina w/ tung oil -FRETLESS


Last night, I worked on the nut with some nut files, and put the strings on.  It plays and sounds great!


Your bass is exactly what I have in mind for the future... You say it sounds great. What PU's are you using? Getting Mwah with the split P?

It's definitely a great bass!

Cool. I really like the look of korina. The organic looking knob is a nice touch.
This bass has Bill Lawrence PB1 pups - the sound is rich and warm to the point of being very general (which I like)  caveman?  I'm going to DIY a brown suede strap w/ brass studs...  It's awesome how it sustains - gluing the neck joint appears to have really helped (but I didn't try it before gluing to A/B it)
20pt man that turned out clean looking. that is a nice combo of body and neck . also the black hardware is a good acent  super nice job
nice  :cool01:

I like the body wood tones combined with that fingerboard ... and just a volume knob - tone IS all in the fingers!  :rock-on:

all the best,

This is my first comment...I am new here...
Nice Photo...!!! Your bass looks great...!!!