Warmoth carved top lps what case fits it?


hi i have a warmoth carved top lps with the contour heel option i was just wondering if anyone can reccommend a hardshell case that fits it. im using a warmoth neck , warmoth headstock so it is angled.
um... a case made for a Les Paul.


I got the first one on the list because it was cheapest.
No it's a LP - but yeah the contoured heal is standard. I don't see why that would matter though.

I assume that the LP and LPS are similar enough to fit in the same case. If not then I have no idea.
Yes the type of case that GoDrex is talking about fits all LP style guitars...Les Paul, LP Double cuttaway, Hamer Sunburst, PRS Santana. Probably fits some of the Gretch guitars as well. should also be enough room at the top to acomodate 25.5 scale Warmoth necks.

I can confirm there is plenty of room for the 25.5" scale neck in a standard LP style case.

Dude Apart from the cutaway there is almost no difference in the guitar, and it will fit in a LP case with no movement.
Almost all LP headstocks are angles, so most cases will have tackled this problem.

Also many of these people know what they're talking about, usually you just take them by their word.