Warmoth Blocked?


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It is a sad, sad, sad day.  Apparently my company got wise to people doing all their holiday shopping on-line while at work.  As of this afternoon, warmoth.com is officially blocked as "shopping" per the company's web, big brother like, stranglehold on my web access.  :(

Not to mention stewmac.com as well as most of the websites for assorted guitar parts. :-(

Damn them!!!!!!!  Now i have to do my guitar building, dreaming, pricing and specing on my own time?  What is this world coming to?


sad sad sad

at least they didn't block the forum. :)

here is a tip from a high school student with to much time on his hands.  try to find a proxy to get around the block with google. search for something that is on warmoth.com, and find a link to a page other than the warmoth homepage. depending on the firewall, this should work.
like if you find a link to the showcase, or the paint section, if its not blocked you could navigate from there.
kids at my school use proxies to get to youtube and myspace.
keep in mind, you could get punished if caught, but depending on who catches you, you could probably lie your way out of it.  works every time. until they find out and tighten security.
what people at school use for is a site called.....hidemyass.com....    you go to it , and it has its own search bar and it will direct to whatever page you want but however or whatever is monitoring you will not be able to detect what site you are on...
And they wonder why disgruntled employees go postal and shoot up the place.... :blob7:
You'll never go to jail for taking the servers down and it's more fun to watch the IT schmucks running around having heart attacks
I'm truly shocked to see what some people will do to take advantage of their employers

Try http://unblockutopia.com/