Does anyone have a picture of a guitar with a WALNUT and OIL finish?  I am ready to start my first guitar but I cant seem to find a picture to make sure that this is what I want. Thanks guys!
Not sure which type of "oil finish" you mean; the Strat in the link below is figured walnut with a WATCO Danish Oil finish; but that is NOT a "hard" oil finish like tung oil or Tru-oil.

here ya go... danish oil and carnauba wax. No grain fill, just wet sanded the oil into the wood with wet/dry 400


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Here's a couple quickies of my walnut thinline in progress. Minwax dark walnut stain (2 coats), this is after the 2nd coat of tung oil, applied today. No filling or sanding.


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willyk said:
here ya go... danish oil and carnauba wax. No grain fill, just wet sanded the oil into the wood with wet/dry 400

Love that finish!
You guys are great! Thanks for the help! How does walnut sound compared to other woods? I'm guessing a darker tone.
I've built 3 walnut instruments and they all sound different. The jazzmaster has a maple/kingwood neck and is a great sustaining mid-bright guitar. I have a tele with a padauk top and padauk/ebony neck which is rather warmer. The 3rd is a jazz bass "sister" to the jazzmaster. That one has flatwound strings and sounds real woody and smooth.
I guess all you can deduce from this is that it depends on other factors how the guitar eventually sounds.
I love walnut, it's a beautiful wood to work with and quite easy to achieve a great finish. It's musical and will deliver a great sound (as previously explained) My only issue with it is the weight. The tele is fine, the jazzmaster has a bigger body so it's getting up there and the jazz bass with all the extra steel in the bass neck makes it a 12lb+ proposition.
No idea how this will sound, other than what I've read. As for finishing, it sure as heck is easier to work with than swamp ash! I was going to grain fill this walnut body but on close inspection I decided it just wasn't necessary. Weighs almost 4 lbs whichis heavy for a thinline, I gather.